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Why is Bernie Sanders Lying to You? (Ep 1188)


In this episode, I address the latest NY Times’ story which is a clear effort to get out ahead of the growing FBI FISA scandal. I translate what they’re really saying. I also address a stunning rumor about the possible entrance of Hillary Clinton into the Democrats’ race for the presidency. Finally, I expose the nonsense in Bernie’s spending plans. 

News Picks:Four things to know about the latest mainstream media Russia hoax.


The latest Russia hoax is already debunked.


Is Hillary Clinton hatching a plan to enter the race at the Democrat Convention?


Friends of the Trump team are helping to drain the Swamp by exposing anti-Trumpers in the administration. 


Devin Nunes vows to continue his lawsuit against Fusion GPS. 


Here’s the hard reality behind Bernie Sander’s ridiculous 97 trillion dollars in government spending. 


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