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We’re Under Attack, Again # 1013 (Ep 1013)

In this episode I address the disturbing, violent attack by ANTIFA on a reporter this weekend in Portland. I also discuss the Washington Post’s pathetic effort to spin, and get ahead of, another damaging story. Finally, I address the behind the scenes of the North Korea trip and more liberal flip flops.

News Picks:The new White House Press Secretary brawls with the North Koreans

Devin Nunes warns there’s “something odd” about Bob Mueller’s upcoming testimony

Here’s a flashback to every liberal who denied a crisis at the border

Senator Ted Cruz is calling for action against the lawless Portland Mayor.

Deranged liberal writer thinks a reporter deserved to be violently attacked for reporting on ANTIFA.

This 2016 study throughly debunks the myth that emergency room costs are going down as the government provides “free healthcare.”

President Trump is proposing a bold new move on taxes which would boost the economy.

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