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Binance taps Tiktok star Khaby Lame to drive Web3 adoption

Khaby Lame will use his signature content style to debunk myths surrounding the Web3 space.

Russian central bank exec is OK with crypto mining under one condition

A finance officer believes it is necessary to sell the mined assets abroad to avoid the adoption of crypto in internal payments.

‘Can’t stop, won’t stop’ — Bitcoin hodlers buy the dip at $20K BTC

The idea that panic selling is driving BTC price losses appears less watertight on the back of the latest data.

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Troubling New Revelations About this Miscarriage of Justice (Ep 925)

In this episode I address the troubling new revelations regarding the extent the DOJ went to in order to hide the Clinton corruption. I also address the real reason that the Democrats are putting Michael Cohen behind closed doors. Finally, I address a series of liberal lies about “Medicare for all.” 
News Picks:
The Green New Deal would cost an astonishing 94 trillion dollars.
Bill Maher’s smug red state mockery couldn’t be more wrong.
Democrats are asking Michael Cohen all the wrong questions.
Democrats voted for infanticide yesterday. Absolutely disgusting.
The fix was in for Hillary Clinton.
When is the investigation going to start into John Brennan?
The Green New Deal would cost every American household $65,000.
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Tramvaiul turcesc, a doua lună de teste. Lațcău e sigur: Până la finalul lui 2022 vor circula 21 de garnituri noi

Ajuns la sfârșitul lunii iunie la Timișoara, primul tramvai nou fabricat în Turcia pentru capitala Banatului a intrat în a doua lună de teste....

Trump’s Secret Weapon (Ep 1176)

In this episode, I address President Trump’s secret weapon in the 2020 re-election campaign. I also address the explosive connections between the Spygate plotters, the deep-state, and the Clintons. Finally, I discuss the troubling “New Way Forward” legislation and the blow-out new jobs numbers. News Picks:More blowout jobs numbers in the flourishing Trump economy.


Loser liberals are tired of losing and are now complaint about the “unfair” Senate. 


An explosive new article by John Solomon indicating that the infamous Paul Manafort “Black Ledger” was a fraud.


This 2016 article describes the troubling connections between the Clintons and a suspected Russian espionage effort. 


This 2019 article addresses the strange behavior of the fake whistleblower’s attorney.


President Trump’s re-election chances hit a record high.


An interesting article about wage growth, productivity, and the Trump economy. 


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