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One of them is lying # 984 (Ep 984)

In this episode I address the deeply troubling connection many of us may have missed. I also address the latest revelations that expose either Jim Comey, or Loretta Lynch, as liars. Finally I debunk liberal lies about healthcare solutions. 

News Picks:Either Jim Comey or Loretta Lynch is lying as Lynch’s recently released testimony indicates.

President Trump loses court case over his financial records.

Devin Nunes says the FBI is hiding key documents about Russiagate figure Joseph Mifsud. 

After this confused Republican congressman calls for Trump’s impeachment he immediately picks up a primary challenger.

Margot Cleveland’s latest piece asks the question, “was the Trump presidency spied on”?

Key Republican Congressman says declassification is right around the corner.

Trey Gowdy says there are bombshell tapes providing evidence of George Papadopoulos’s innocence.

This radical left-winger is hinting at a “bloody revolution.” 

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