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More Deep State Shenanigans # 1019 (Ep 1019)


In this episode I address the explosive new court documents about the Mike Flynn case which show the troubling anti-Trump team efforts to target Flynn. I also discuss the latest propaganda effort from The NY Times. Also, I address the liberal panic attack over the gold standard. 

News Picks: 
New poll data shows that the majority of Hispanics approve of the citizenship question.

Ilhan Omar caught lying, again.

The Mike Flynn case is getting ugly.

New Zealand’s gun control law is failing miserably.

Mitch McConnell fires back at critics over slave owning ancestors.

School choice works. An entire 8th grade class in a Bronx charter school aces the regents test.

The Trump team and the GOP senate plough ahead on approving judges for the 9th Circuit.

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