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Is this Really About Obama Meddling in Foreign Elections # 947 (Ep 947)

In this episode I address President Trump’s incredible speech last night and why the media continues to get everything wrong about Trump. I also address the explosive new revelations in the Nellie Ohr testimony about foreign collusion and Obama administration interference in foreign elections. 

News Picks:
Here it is: 
My new book about the collusion hoax, and the Mueller coverup, is available for preorder here:
The emergency at the border is becoming a catastrophe.
President Trump’s approval jumps a remarkable 5 points after the Mueller report.
Nellie Ohr’s testimony is now public. Here are some of the important takeaways.
Nellie Ohr finally admits she wanted Hillary Clinton to win.
Here’s a transcript of Nellie Ohr’s testimony to Congress. Pay particular attention to page 20 where she discusses the “movie script” scenario.
Here are some of the craziest proposals in the Green New Deal which our of touch academics disingenuously defend.
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