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Ep. 867 Explosive Revelations on the Clinton Foundation


In this episode I address the explosive new revelations about a Clinton Foundation whistleblower and the devastating allegations being aired. I also discuss a socialist’s appearance on the Tucker Carlson show and why it matters for the 2020 presidential election. 

News Picks:
A federal judge opens up discovery into the Clinton private email system.
Explosive revelations by John Solomon regarding the investigation into the Clinton Foundation
Is there an FBI email chain out there that’s going to blow up the Spygate case? 
President Trump unloads on Mueller
The feds ramp up the probe into the Podesta Group and this former Obama administration official.
10 key questions for Jim Comey.
The Bush family praises President Trump for his actions during the funeral of George H.W. Bush. 
Another enormous oil field discovered in the United States. This is terrific economic news.
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