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Ep. 859 What Are They Hiding ?


Summary: In this episode I address the scheming going on to protect players connected to WikiLeaks from being exposed by the Trump administration. I also discuss the tactics being used by the backers of the migrant caravan to turn public opinion against the United States. Finally, I address Twitter’s shameful censorship tactics and how to fight back. 
News Picks:
Another strategic leak by the Mueller team about WikiLeaks?
Is the Deep State panicking? Are they about to be exposed? 
Bob Mueller is now claiming that Paul Manafort lied to investigators.
The backlash against Twitter is growing.
Border official states that the caravan pushed women and kids to the front of the groups before attacking agents
Four problems with the new “climate change” report.
Is Obamacare about to lose in court?
The caravan is losing the battle of public opinion.
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