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Ep. 818 Did You Catch the New Liberal Strategy to Take Down Kavanaugh?

In this episode I address the disgusting treatment of Brett Kavanaugh by Jeff Flake and the Democrats. I also address their next line of attack as they move away from sexual abuse allegations. Finally, I address the importance of Kanye West speaking out on Saturday Night Live. 

News Picks:
I debated liberal Chris Hahn this weekend on Judge Jeanine’s Fox show. It got heated quickly. 
Byron York’s latest piece addresses the Democrats’ new narrative to attack Kavanaugh
Kanye West stood up against liberal bullying this week on Saturday Night Live. This was an important moment. 
Lee Smith’s new piece addresses the deep water Rod Rosenstein is really in
One of Kavanaugh’s accusers may have a credibility problem
House Democrats double down on the police state by threatening a new investigation into Kavanaugh. 
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