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Ep. 809 Why the Media Is Panicking Over the Declassification

In this episode I address the media panic regarding President Trump’s declassification of key documents and texts in the Russia case. I also cover the real reason that the FBI is worried about the pending declassification of information regarding its tactics in the Russia probe.

News Picks:
Let the declassification begin.

This Jeff Carlson piece asks the question, “Did the media know the truth about collusion the whole time?

This Paul Sperry piece addresses some key exculpatory information that was likely omitted from the FISA application.

Maxine Waters doubles down on crazy and suggests “knocking off” President Trump.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can’t seem to grasp basic economics.

What to expect when the Supreme Court returns.

Why are the allegations of physical abuse against Democrat Keith Ellison being treated differently by the Democrats?

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