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Ep. 786 John Brennan Should Be Very Concerned

In this episode I address the real reasons disgraced former CIA Director John Brennan is panicking about the revoking of his security clearance. I also discuss the liberal media’s disingenuous efforts to attack the Trump economic bump.
News Picks:
This Daily Caller piece addresses the George Papadopoulos plea deal.
Why did this government employee lose his security clearance after reporting irregularities about one of the players in the Spygate scheme? 
This November piece from the Hill covers the leak investigations going on within the DOJ.
Sara Carter has some interesting new reporting on newly revealed Bruce Ohr/Chris Steele texts. 
This Investors Business Daily piece throughly debunks the “Obama handed Trump a strong economy” nonsense.
Denmark is not a socialist country.
The American public trusts Trump, more than the Democrats, on the economy. 
Liberals are losing their minds because Jeff Sessions ate in this restaurant. 
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