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Did You Pay to Have the Trump Team Spied on (Ep 1103)


In this episode, I address the stunning information I believe is about to be revealed in the IG Spygate report. I also address an explosive Fox News panel fight which is a microcosm of the Ukraine, Biden, “whistleblower,” story. Finally, I address some terrific poll numbers for President Trump in these key states and what it means for the 2020 election. 

News Picks:
Troubling new revelations emerge about Joe Biden’s son.


More stunning information about the role of Spygate player Stefan Halper


Was the US government paying a spy to report on the Trump team?


Troubling story out of Mexico where US citizens were murdered by drug cartels.


The latest swing state polls are great news for President Trump. 


Are working-class voters preparing to send the President on to a second term?


The fake “whistleblower” is running away from answering these questions.


Debunking the myth of the “concealed carry killers.”


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