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What Really Happened Last Night (Ep 1214)

In this episode, I address the backlash brewing over the faulty “modeling” used to shutdown the country’s economy. You’re not going to believe the about-face going on. I also address the trouble hidden inside the “stimulus” bill that passed in the Senate last night. 

News Picks:

Here are the real costs for you of the “stimulus” plan. 

Are the models for the spread of the Wuhan Virus wrong?

After the H1N1 epidemic the Obama administration failed to replace the emergency stockpile of masks. 

Weekly jobless claims rise dramatically.

Joe Biden just can’t stop lying about President Trump’s handling of the Wuhan Virus. 

“Woke” Harvard, despite its massive cash-pile endowment, is laying people off?

The free market is a wonderful thing. Thankfully we’re not a socialist country.

DOJ says intentionally exposing someone to the Wuhan Virus is an act of terror. 

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At Last, Some Good News (Ep 1213)

In this episode, I address an explosive article in the Wall Street Journal about the Wuhan Virus which questions everything. I also address the continued misinformation and hysteria campaigns being waged by the liberal media. Finally I discuss a critical Supreme Court ruling on racial discrimination and a disastrous decision by the Democrat Nevada Governor. 

News Picks:

Stocks enjoy one of the best days in American history.

President Trump’s approval rating pops to 49%.

What we currently know about potential treatments for the Wuhan Virus. 

George Soros bankrolls coronavirus political attack ads. 

After impeaching Trump for a fake “quid pro quo,” Pelosi demands a quid pro quo from Americans. 

Hilarious. Moscow Rachel Maddow is warning about “misinformation.”

These two Democrat governors are working with President Trump with “mutual respect.”

Supreme Court unanimously agrees that racial discrimination cases must show racial discrimination.  

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It’s Official, Trump has Broken the Useless Media (Ep 1212)

In this episode, I address the worst fake news story yet, as the media continues to promote insanity and hysteria. I also address the ridiculous pork Pelosi tried to insert in the Wuhan Virus Bill. 

News Picks:

Nobel laureate predicts a quicker recovery from the Wuhan Virus pandemic. 

The liberal media is still promoting propaganda from China, at your expense.

House Democrats admit that they block legislation because they didn’t want to “give Trump a win.” 

The hapless Democrats blocked another Wuhan virus relief bill. 

Here’s what’s in the Wuhan Virus Bill. 

Here’s a list of all the pork in the Wuhan Virus Bill.

Democrat lawmaker wants to use this crisis to “restructure” America.

Turns out it was President Obama that depleted the national supply of n95 masks.  

Be very wary of this new push for the digital dollar.

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It’s Time for a Difficult Conversation (Ep 1211)

In this episode, I debunk the media hysteria and lying about the crisis and the panic it is causing. I also address a troubling tweet by a college professor concerned about “right-wing” websites. Finally, I discuss positive news about this key swing state and the 2020 election. 

News Picks:

The awful Democrats block the passage of the Wuhan Virus bill.

Did the NSA bust China’s coronavirus cover up? 

Moscow Maddow wants President Trump taken off the air. 

College professor is worried that “right-wing” sites might share her online lectures.

The hack media blasted President Trump’s travel ban back in January. 

These are the items disappearing from the grocery shelves the fastest.

The Federal Reserve commits to a massive bond buying program.

The Democrats are in real trouble in the 2020 election in the key state of Minnesota. 

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The Leadership We Need Right Now (Ep 1210)

In this episode, I address new data from Italy which paints a much different picture about the virus crisis. I discuss some likely permanent changes to our country after we clear this crisis. I also address the suspicious reemergence of the Obama “fixer.” 

News Picks:

Things will never be the same after this.

Serious allegations emerge against these US Senators.

Yes, China did this. Don’t be a sucker like the media. 

The Obama fixer is back!

Trump wrecks biased reporter after asking a stupid question. 

Reporter asks an asinine question in the briefing room and is humiliated by the President. 

99% of those who died from virus in Italy had other illnesses.

Here are a list of regulations that have been sidelined, which shows the uselessness of a lot of red tape.

Sidney Powell’s excellent piece about the Obama “fixer.” 

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Interview With Former White House Doctor Ronny Jackson (Ep 1209)

In this episode, I interview Dr. Ronny Jackson, former White House physician for Presidents Trump, Obama, and Bush.

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Finally, Some Positive News (Ep 1208)

In this episode, I address the likely path ahead for your job and the economy in the midst of the Coronavirus threat. I also address the hapless media and their awful efforts to sell us propaganda from China. I discuss a piece of troubling video about your child’s education and I debunk another liberal myth about the election. 

News Picks:

Are we making big decision based on unreliable data? 

Is this the treatment we’ve been waiting for, for the Coronavirus?

More positive developments as a home test for the Coronavirus appears set to launch.

More unbearable stupidity from the hapless media.

Jobless claims spike.  

The Senate passed second coronavirus relief package. 

Big GOP victories in Pennsylvania are good news for 2020 optimists.

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There’s A BIG Fight Coming (Ep 1207)

In this episode, I address an enormous fight on the horizon that could change the media, and free speech, forever. Everyone is going to have to pick a side in this fight. I also address the latest troubling news about the disastrous collapse of the Mueller probe. 

News Picks:

Joe Biden sticks a fork in the Sanders’ campaign.

More stunning details about the Bob Mueller probe court debacle.

Debunking another liberal myth about the Coronavirus outbreak. 

Some of the worst totalitarian proposals in the midst of the Coronavirus threat. 

Chinese propaganda is influencing our hack media. 

Incredible. CNN host praises President Trump’s Coronavirus response.

Deranged CNN & MSNBC analysts speculate about criminally prosecuting Trump.  

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