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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Eight years ago, the United States and Russia agreed to a spy swap that sent a Russian double agent to safety in Britain. That former spy and his daughter were poisoned by a nerve agent this month, and the Kremlin has been  accused of orchestrating the attack. Why did it happen now? Guest: Peter Baker, the chief White House correspondent for The New York Times. For more information on today’s episode, visit

Ep. 684 Is This Really a Grassroots Movement?

In this episode I address the omnibus spending bill and the real reasons that President Trump signed the bill. I also discuss the identity of the organizers behind the March for Our Lives rally. Finally I discuss the re-emergence of health care as a prominent election issue and why. 
News Picks:
Should Trump start a third party after being abandoned by the GOP?
This piece addresses the identity of the organizers of the March for Our Lives rally. 
The March for Our Lives rally wasn’t as well attended as anticipated. 
This piece addresses the real reason liberals are using gun control as an election-year issue.
Socialism fails again. Inflation is exploding in Venezuela. 
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Monday, March 26, 2018

As hundreds of thousand of demonstrators prepared to march in Washington in response to the school shooting in Parkland, Fla., students on the South Side of Chicago felt sympathy, but also frustration. Why hadn’t the gun violence in their community earned the nation’s outrage? Guest: Sameen Amin,  a senior video producer at The New York Times. For more information on today’s episode, visit

Ep. 683 The Real Scandal Isn’t Collusion

More companies are jumping on the anti-Second Amendment bandwagon. I address how to fight back. 
I also discuss some explosive connections between Bob Mueller and people involved in the Obamagate spying scandal.
News Picks:
Another company is jumping into anti-Second Amendment politics. 
This is a fascinating piece about Bob Mueller’s role in the development of the investigative processes used to target the Trump team. 
Painting an asteroid headed towards earth? Yep. Check this piece out. 
The budget bill is a disaster and, making it worse, they gave themselves a raise. 
Here are the 10 worst parts of the budget bill. 
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Friday, March 23, 2018

For decades, Americans have believed that the best way to end racial inequality is to end class inequality. But a landmark 30-year study is debunking that logic. Guests: Emily Badger, who writes about cities and urban policy for The Upshot; William O. Jawando, who worked in the Obama administration on My Brother’s Keeper, a mentoring initiative for black boys. For more information on today’s episode, visit 

Ep. 682 Sold Out Again

In this episode I address the suspicious timing of the latest media attack on Jeff Sessions and what I think it says about the investigation into government malfeasance. I also discuss the renewed push for new tax cuts and the real world effects of our out-of-control spending. 
News Picks:
Facebook is at it again. Conservative websites are losing their audience on the platform. 
This piece covers some of the worst aspects of the recent Omnibus spending bill. 
Liberals love to talk about the “fair share” of tax payments. But what do the numbers actually say about who is paying. 
Obama’s policies benefitted friends of his. 
Christian movies are winning the day in Hollywood. 
Jeff Sessions’ lawyer strongly disputes aspects of the recent attack on his credibility. 
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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Five days after details about Cambridge Analytica’s mining of data were made public, Mark Zuckerberg, the chief executive of Facebook, broke his silence on his company’s role in the data breach. Minutes after posting a statement on Facebook, he spoke with The New York Times. Guest: Kevin Roose, a business columnist for The Times. For more information on today’s episode, visit 

Ep. 681 The Case for Firing Bob Mueller

In this episode I address the reasons President Trump should fire special counsel Bob Mueller. I also address the ongoing discrimination against conservatives on social media and on YouTube.
News Picks:
Swamp rat Republicans will lose in a fight with President Trump over Mueller.
The FBI director says Trump “never asked me to do anything with the Russia investigation.”
Here’s a timeline that sums up the Austin bombings.
California’s sanctuary state law is having some unintended consequences for illegal aliens. 
The Mueller investigation is a smokescreen and has always been designed to investigate Trump, not criminality. 
A devastating piece about President Obama’s regulatory regime and how it benefited his friends. 
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