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A Total Disaster for the Hapless Democrats (Ep 1173)

In this episode, I address the Democrats’ Iowa caucus meltdown on election night. I also address additional stunning connections between the players in the impeachment sham and the collusion hoax. 

News Picks:Why the Democrats’ Iowa caucus meltdown matters. 


Is this Hillary Clinton hack knee deep in the Democrats’ Iowa disaster? 


An explosive new story from Sara Carter about suspicious meetings in the Obama White House with Ukrainians.


What! Democrat congressman quotes Harry Potter book in impeachment trial closing.


Deranged Adam Schiff claims Trump could sell Alaska to the Russians. 


Devastating news about conservative icon Rush Limbaugh.


Contrary to liberal false narratives, race relations have improved under Donald Trump.


Ten embarrassing Obama gaffes the media chooses to ignore.


Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.

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