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A Total Disaster for the Hapless Democrats (Ep 1110)


In this episode, I address the disastrous impeachment fiasco on Capitol Hill and the destructive fallout for the Democrats. 

News Picks:Sleazy Adam Schiff ridiculously claims he doesn’t know the identity of the “whistleblower.


Ambassador Taylor says he was with Ukrainian President Zelensky on July 26th and he “was happy” with the Trump call


The Democrats’ star witness completely face-plants on the impeachment question. 


Hysterical! Collusion hoaxer, and Hillary Clinton super-fan, Andrew Weissmann is giving legal advice on MSNBC. 


Democrat insiders are acknowledging that yesterday was a complete disaster for them.


John Solomon’s latest article addresses the real Ukrainian scandal.


A new proposal is in the works regarding immigration.  


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